Friday, April 23, 2010

In Bloom

After this morning's breakfast of perfectly amazingly splendiferous fluffy pancakes with strawberry-lime jam, me and my better half (no, not my left side, although it is awfully lovely today) decided to take our youngest son out and head down to the local nursery. Although I don't have much room (3 bedroom townhouse with just a teeny tiny spot calling itself a porch) I felt the need for more flora.

Earlier this week we bought a tomato plant, begonias, and a bitty cute one whose name I can't remember (situated right in front of the geraniums). This time I grabbed a jalapeno and bell pepper plant, verbena, geraniums, and coleus.

Ah, and this mind-blowingly gorgeous fuchsia...

And we'll be heading back to the nursery again soon, because they have some beautiful, large indoor tropical plants for a great price. Now, if I only had a backyard.

1 comment:

  1. those are beautiful flowers. I know the feeling about the back yard.. I cant wait to move so I can have a screened in back porch full of flowers..



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