Thursday, May 6, 2010

It' A Jungle In Here...

Spring. It is sprung, and I can't keep myself away from the greenery. Having a greenhouse right next door isn't helping the situation (or my wallet), but who could meaningfully balk about a house and patio full of gorgeous plants? It won't be this girl.

I've shocked myself by not killing any of the (numerous) flora we've brought into out home over the last weeks. I'm vigilant about looking up every plant we get, making sure I give it the amount of sun and water it likes best.

Grab your machete and pith helmet as I take you on a tour of our makeshift nursery...

Black magic elephant ears (left) and black eyed Susans

Trailing jade that looks as if it's trying to escape.



Majestic palm

Don't want to forget the big fake tree over there in the corner

These are just some of my plants. I'm always getting more. It's a sickness.

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